How will you benefit from a bikefit?

To get the best riding experience each rider needs to find their unique active riding position, which will allow you to climb faster, descend more confidently and ride further with less fatigue. This is achieved by working with a trained Body Geometry specialist who has a complete understanding of your biomechanics and experience. Body Geometry Fit is the most efficient and effective process that will help you become one with your bike. To get a full understanding of how you ride, our Body Geometry Fit specialists will ask you about your riding experience and lifestyle aswell as goals, current concerns and previous injury history. A physcial assessment will be carried out which is then followed by a thorough on bike analysis, where the fitter will make adjustments to your bike to make effective change to your position whilst you are pedaling in turbo trainer or on our Retul Muve bike. The fitter will be in contact with you post fitting to discuss how you are adapting to the changes made to your position. The fitter will also book you a follow-up appointment once you have adapted to the changes that were made.